You believe that Mathematical Planning and F# can transform how you do business, but you want some help. I am here for you! I offer a variety of ways to help from having a short exploration discussion to project advising.

Do you have a Mathematical Planning Problem?

Price: $200 USD

You are unsure if you have a Mathematical Planning Problem, and you would like to know if it would be helpful. Instead of spending hours exploring on your own, book some time with me and we will find clarity quickly. We will spend 30 minutes together and at the end you will know exactly what kind of problem you have and what are some of the best approaches for solving it.

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Mathematical Planning Model Formulation Consult

Price: $500 USD

You have been working on formulating a Mathematical Planning Model, but you have some questions about best practices and how to deal with strange edge cases. Rather than continuing to struggle, we will work together to understand exactly what you are trying to do and find the best way to implement it.

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Half Day Training for Team

Price: $3,000

You want to upskill your team with Mathematical Planning and F#. This 4-hour training will take your team from knowing nothing about Mathematical Planning to transforming real-world problems into Mathematical Planning Models. This has the potential to unlock huge amounts of value in terms of increased profitability, decreased costs, and increased efficiency.

Training is held virtually over 4 hours. At the end you will receive a recording of all the materials and source code used in the exercises. Your team will be able to follow up with me for two weeks with any questions they didn’t think of during the training.

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Project Advisor

Initial Discussion Price: $500

Ongoing Retainer: $5,000/month

Your team is looking to put a Mathematical Planning Model into production for the first time and you would like help understanding where the potential pitfalls are to ensure the project is a success. We will start with a 1-hour meeting to ensure that we are a good fit for each other. I will get an idea for the scope of the project and provide some of my initial thoughts on what will likely be the biggest challenges deploying and supporting the model.

If we find we are a good fit and I believe that I can help you, we will find a set of times where I can regularly meet with your team to answer their questions and to also provide feedback on the model and deployment scenario. I will also be available via email to provide more rapid feedback.

Having someone with experience putting models into production can drastically reduce the risk of the project and increase the likelihood of success. I will be a resource for the team to ensure the project is successful.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

All my products come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are in any way dissatisfied, let me know within 30 days and I will issue a full refund, no questions asked.